Love Me Louder Today


*Relationships and Anxiety*

When it comes to relationships those of us with anxiety can be a handful and honestly I’m not sure a “handful” really does it justice.

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Taking the right steps…

Digging yourself out of a slump is no easy task. There’s no magic switch or light bulb that magically comes on, it’s a process and one that requires dedication and constant thought, one magical step at a time.
stairsSTEP 1 (or 40) – LITERALLY

My first step towards working my way up and out of the “funk” was to literally take the stairs. I only work on the 2nd floor of my building and typically park on the 2nd deck of the parking garage, however every single stair counts. I have my moments of laziness but for the most part I can make the stairs work, however my love for heels does tend to make me really second guess my decisions sometimes. I wasn’t named Grace for a good reason.




Eating is important, we all know this, but exactly what you eat can effect you in so many ways. Making good food choices can give you more energy, a better mind set, and overall just a better mood. Can I please take a second and tell you Panda Express is the ultimate go to for some healthy good choices! Their mixed veggies and mushroom chicken should honestly win a reward! Plus one meal from them is enough to split into 2 or 3 meals!

Don’t forget your water intake, another very important “get out of the funk” must do!


STEP 4 – Take a Stand


For those who are in a career similar to mine, you find yourself sitting at a desk most of your day. Have you heard the saying “sitting is the new smoking”?  Well, apparently that is the new thing.  I guess my apple watch reminding me constantly to stand up isn’t just to annoy me.  My co-workers had already ordered and begun using these fancy new contraptions that allow you to stand and work and after a little resistance on my part I finally asked to have one ordered for myself, it should arrive in a few days (Maybe a review is in order).  So here is to me taking my stand.

STEP 5 – Take care of you!

This one is a pretty simple concept, but let me tell you that when you are not feeling too selfiemirrorhot and you struggle just to wash your hair this one can be super tough!  For me it started with a new dress (only 28 dollars with a coupon at Dress Up which is one of my favorite stores ever). Throw in a new hair style, manicure, and a pedicure and BOOM. Realistically I know not everyone can do this, but investing in yourself and your appearance does go a long way. If you can’t afford to get your hair done then ask a friend to help you style it. If you can’t afford a new outfit, raid a friends closet or  try revamping an old outfit! Paint your nails or your toes… just simply invest in yourself.

*Side note, please don’t judge for the mirror selfie. 


The “Funk”

anxietyToday was one of those days where everything was fine, nothing was out of place, no major crisis ensued, however everything was COMPLETELY wrong. I found myself consistently fighting off the need to cry, you know that terrible wet burning sensation you get in your eyes? I was doing my best not to let one single tear slip. It’s during these moments that I find myself wanting nothing more than to retreat into a quiet place, curl up into a ball and not see or speak to anyone.


I don’t always feel like this, however lately I find myself experiencing this more often than not. Must of this stems from bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and not enough sleep. This all turns into a rather vicious cycle really. You eat like crap, so you feel like crap which makes you not want to work out which makes you depressed and has you wanting to eat more crap.  Not fair right?


I spent most of my day working towards finding a solution to “snap out of it”. At first I retreated to eating some junk food… fries and cookies to be exact, needless to say that didn’t work. Then I reached out to some loved ones and then again found myself getting frustrated trying to form my feelings into some semblance of something they could grasp and understand. How do you explain to some one else when you don’t really understand it yourself?


When I got home I knew I needed to do something, anything really to push myself out of the “funk”. Sitting around and dwelling on my misery wasn’t working, surprising right?! Luckily my daughter suggested a walk downtown, moving is good! I didn’t want to go, I didn’t really want to see people or interact and try to be normal, but I put on my big girl panties and hopped in the car.  I’m glad I ended up going. I probably walked a good 3 miles around downtown up and down main street.

Tomorrow is a new day, I will start with a nice shower and I will try and fix my hair and actually put makeup on, something I haven’t done in a few days…

Getting out of the “funk” is not an easy task but I plan on doing my best. When the “funk” hits you, what helps get you motivated, how do you keep from getting in that vicious cycle?